Cosmic Living Group Study

Friday, April 05 | 18-19h | free

Join us for this open gathering where we will share practical information about how to live cosmicly in accordance with the Yoga life style and your personal journey.

The Aries season kicks off bringing us the enthusiasm and motivation to spark our cycle and Spring into a cosmic new year full of action driven by passion. We will take this opportunity to pause, gather our thoughts and design our life in tune with the cosmic frequency. Aligning with the Moon cycles we will learn to manage our time to optimize our relationships and bring them into harmony to set the rhythm for sustainable well-being!

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Blisspoint Journey with Lisa de Narvaez

Tuesday, April 09 | 19h | 45€

The ultimate meditation hack for the 21st century human.

BlissPoint Breathwork is an active meditation that consists of a simple, two-part breath sequence. With the support of an intentionally curated soundscape embedded with customized frequencies, Lisa skillfully guides you into an “Above Mind” state of being that gives you access to the realization of the transcendent dimension within yourself.

In a culture that is based on the pursuit of happiness, we can easily find ourselves on the eternal hamster wheel of “more, better, faster”. It has us believing that something outside of our selves will give us the peace and contentment that we long for. This “if, then, when” paradigm keeps us transfixed in ways that prevent us from experiencing the present moment. It is by developing this capacity of presence, by getting “out of our minds” and exploring non ordinary states of consciousness consciously, that we learn how to consistently and sustainably tap into our ever-present access to true joy. Tapping into this deep well of wisdom, beyond that of our limited minds, is game changing.

Lisa de Narvaez is a seasoned breathwork facilitator, NYU certified coach and human design specialist. Her experiential style, combining decades of global travel driven by continued studies and a deepening of her own personal understanding of evolutionary systems, have manifested into the creation of BLISSPOINT BREATHWORK. Her trailblazing methodology combining her love of human design + coaching + breathwork have made her a crowd favorite among prestigious organizations such as Summit Series, Habitas, MAC, Well+Good and Bloomberg, amongst other emerging communities and private clients around the world. To learn more, please go to

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April 13 | 10-13h | 30€

Saturday, April 13 | 10h-11:30h Ayurveda Theory | 11:30h-13h Practicing in the kitchen

Theory: Ayurveda principles, the elements and attributes. Learn to identify your biotype (dosha), possible unbalances and the adequate diet / routine for you. Followed by practical self-care tips.

Together we will cook & enjoy an Ayurvedic breakfast!

May 06 | 10-13h | 30€

Sunday, May 6

Theory: Why it is important to have & maintain a good digestion and healthy routines during the Spring season followed by practical kitchen and self-care tips.

Together we will cook & enjoy an Ayurvedic lunch specially created to emposer or Spring digestion.

– Especial price for both Workshops (April & May): 50€ –

About Yara Körbele, facilitator

Yara is Brazilian from Sao Paulo and has worked during many years as in-house counsel for a multinational company. Once she started to practice Ashtanga Yoga, she gradually got more and more interested in this path of life. She moved to Madrid due to her work where she started to teach Yoga and finally became full time involved with it. Today she teaches Ashtanga, but also Hatha (Iyengar based) and Yin Yoga.

She graduated as an Ayurveda Therapist in Brazil, at Yoga Brahma Vidyalaya with Dr. José Ruguê. After working in Brazil, she moved to Portugal where she continued to work in Coimbra and now also Lisbon. She has been hosting Indian doctors from the International Academy of Ayurveda – Pune, India during their visits to Brazil and Portugal, an incredible opportunity to have a direct contact with them and their way of living Ayurveda in daily life and learn from their authentic professional approach.

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Home & Heart Workshop

Saturday, May 11 | 10:30-12:30h | 15€

The HOME series of workshops were developed by Ella Mesma on her company (Ella Mesma Company) during the creation of dance productions to facilitate the telling of the performers stories and use movement as a healing tool. They have evolved into a series of 7 workshops inspired by the chakra system to unleash the dancer inside all of us.

Ella Mesma uses movement and meditation to find the unique voice of each person she works with. She can facilitate anyone; with or without a dance background to stand in their power and learn to listen and open their hearts using movement in a safe environment. Just like nature, we all have our natural and unique talents to share with the world, and Ella Mesma loves to use beautiful music, meditation and imagination to draw these out and come home to who we are and how we move authentically.

SACRED: Pleasure and Shadows “Celebrate your inner goddess”

Inspired by the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana), SACRED is a transformative women’s only workshop to worship you! SACRED uses fertility dances, yoga and explorative dance to explore and experience our emotions, the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’, pleasure and boundaries in an unashamed and delicious way. Connect to your divine feminine wisdom in this womb focused movement meditation. For women of all ages and experiences.

Comes with a complimentary Chakra PDF about how to further work on opening your sacral chakra.

About Ella Mesma, facilitator

Ella Mesma is a British born artist who works with healing using dance and yoga. She trained in London at Laban and the London School of Contemporary Dance, and trained Yoga with Dr Abby Hoffman (Embodied dancer) and the Karam Kriya School. Some highlights of her performance experience include touring internationally with the Russell Maliphant Company (The Rodin Project), Lea Anderson (Trying it On: The Chomondeleys), Southpaw Company (UK tour) and the Olympics Opening Ceremony. She created her own company Ella Mesma Company in 2011 and highlights include the ICA Festival in Capetown South Africa, Her own Wild Card evening at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London, the Women in Dance Festival in New York and IETM in Hull.

Quotes from class:

“The safe atmosphere she created, interacting with everyone, making her points, explanations and directions very clear, accessible to everyone. It felt like you were entering a different universe, more chilled than the outside world”. Lia: Participant at the HOME Series in Bristol

“I thoroughly enjoyed Ella’s invitation to seek deeper, to ground further into the inner expression of myself. A mindful workshop to root in your own dance”. Agüi Garcia in Lisbon

“Ella’s HEART workshops are a unique combination of yoga, tango and dance/contact improvisation techniques mixed seamlessly so that anyone can benefit. The workshop I attended had participants aged from 20-70 with varying degrees of dance backgrounds. It was a privilege to see everyone working and creating together with genuine joy. Ella has the ability to allow each individual to shine and to reach their creative potential. A rare and precious gift. I can honestly say it was a transformative experience-it won’t change your life but it may change the way you live it”. Natalie Teitler in London

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Ashtanga Yoga Workshop | Regina Ehlers

May 17, 18 & 19 | 85€

Friday May 17 | 18h Soft Led Practice + Talk

Saturday May 18 | 8h Mysore Practice 13h Fundamentals Workshop

Sunday May 19 | 7h Meditation 8h Mysore 10h Talk

Regina will guide students in the traditional Mysore Style, offering adjustments and guidance based on her many years of experience.

About Regina Ehlers During over 27 years of practice in different stages of her life, Regina has had the possibility to explore and discover many aspects of the Yoga system called Ashtanga Yoga which unites physical postures, breathing and bandhas. Her previous experience with Iyengar Yoga and Vipassana meditation are very important influences in her life and work, bringing depth and understanding to her experience.

At the end of the 90´s she started to teach Ashtanga Yoga in Sao Paulo, where she ended up founding the yoga studio “Surya Espaço de Yoga” where she was able to spread the practice. At the time Ashtanga Yoga was not very known in Brazil being the first teacher to teach Ashtanga there.

She moved to India where she lived with her family for a couple of years, teaching this amazing path of Ashtanga Yoga in Goa. Today she lives with her family in Portugal.

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