Full Moon in Sagittarius

Friday, June 5th | 18h to 19h | FREE

with Margaret Rosania, Founder & Cosmobiologist

Join us for this monthly open gathering where we will share practical information about how to live cosmically in accordance with the Yoga lifestyle and your personal journey.

Sagittarius, a time to dream, to dare, learn and believe. We will be sharing how to synchronise our minds and prepare the body for this Penumbral eclipse.

New Moon in Cancer

Friday, June 19th | 18h to 19h | FREE

with Margaret Rosania, Founder & Cosmobiologist

Join us for this monthly open gathering where we will share practical information about how to live cosmically in accordance with the Yoga lifestyle and your personal journey.

Cancer calls for nourishment, self care which are essential to cultivate the sense of Belonging. We will be sharing how to synchronise our minds and prepare the body for the Annular eclipse.

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Elemental Series Master Class

Wednesday, June 24th | 18:30h | 12€

with Jack Weaver, Acupuncturist

FIRE Element | Traditional Chinese Medicine self-care tips for Summer

Come and join Jack for the first workshop of his Elemental Series that relates to The Fire Element and Summer. You will be introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist philosophy covering Yin & Yang and The Five Elements.

Learn self-care tips on how we can be more in tune with the Cosmos to bring more harmony in our lives and how the Summer season we are entering is related to the body in particular our Heart and Small Intestine. Learn what a healthy and imbalanced Fire Element looks like and what we can do to nourish this joyful element.

Each workshop in the series includes complementary hand-out with tips to keep your Elements healthy and balanced.

About Jack Weaver, facilitator

Illness paved the way for Jack’s path into the healing arts and Acupuncture was the catalyst towards his transformation. Jack trained for 3 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the UK at The International College of Oriental Medicine regarded as a leader in its field, where he was awarded a first class honours degree.

He offers a gentle, kind-hearted energy and authenticity to his clients taking into account all aspects of the individual in order to address the root cause of a person’s condition rather than just the symptoms alone. Jack uses Five Elements, TCM and Stems and Branches models in his practice.

Studying Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) for 2 years under master and pioneer Franklyn Sills provided a greater depth and sensitivity to his therapeutic work. He listens to the subtle rhythms and expressions of the body to release habitual patterns and stagnant forces held within. You can expect to relax deeply and feel revitalised becoming more fluid with the ability to flow through life with ease.

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Two days On-line Workshop | 45€

with Margaret Rosania, founder


power to conceive and generate ideas, projects, relationships, love


endurance to sustain health, goals, zest, care, joy

DAY ONE | Moon Cycles and your Womb

Thursday, June 18th | 17h to 18:30h

• Introduction to Menstrual Cycles and the Moon
• Get to know the phases of the moon and their connection to our feminine cycle.
• Their Cyclical Benefits and Possible Challenges.
• Track your moon/ pace your cycle: defining frequencies/ energy tracker for each day for you to align your daily tasks accordingly.

DAY TWO | Self care routine for fertility and vitality

Thursday, June 25th | 17h to 18:30h

We will learn and define synergies for you to create these goodies based on your Birth moon sign/phase and needs:
• Cramp PMS womb oil
• Uterus cleanse herb – vaginal steaming
• Libido perfume/Lip Balm
• Skin rejuvenate body scrub
• Define your beneficial yoni egg

You will need: Natal chart (day, time, place of birth) & Fill in a Vaginal Steaming formulary


About Margaret Rosania, facilitator

During this journey Margaret immersed herself in the fields of yoga, astrology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, the healing powers of stones and crystals, moxibustion and art therapy. Having developed a deep compassion and empathy, and possessing a profound understanding of the body, mind and spirit, Margaret started to apply her knowledge to assist people in their physical, emotional and lifestyle ailments. Using her intuition and her wisdom, she has accompanied and assisted people from all over the world in creating wholesome, balanced and grounded lives.

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Complementary Courses in JULY

Self care multi reflexology for PMS & Libido

Thursday, July 9 | 17h to 18:30h | 24€

with Paula Bravo, multi-reflexologist

*Discount price:

21€ each if purchased together with the Woman’s Care Workshop in June.

About Paula Bravo, facilitator

With several formations in complementary therapies (feet, face, hands ears reflexology, biomagnetic pair among many others), she became a professional in natural health and therapies. Her development as a therapist has been also her path of transformation, she systematizes the search for the best tool and technique to balance the health of those seeking her help. Multireflexology is her way of Care and Love.

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Femininity and the Feminine Archetypes

Wednesday, July 24th | 17h to 18:30h | 24€

with Raquel Matos, Psychologist and Transpersonal Therapist

*Discount price:

21€ each if purchased together with the Woman’s Care Workshop in June.

About Raquel Matos, facilitator

Yoga and meditation practitioner for almost 20 years, clinical psychologist and transpersonal therapist. Raquel began to wonder about the meaning and purpose of life from an early age. She found tools in yoga and meditation that help her find balance and inner peace on a daily basis. In the last decade, she devoted herself to the teaching and practice of Ashtanga Yoga at the school she founded in Coimbra, Coimbra Yoga. In addition, she has explored the paths of Sacred Feminine, Shamanism and Health Coach for the past years. Nowadays, she does one-on-one sessions, facilitates lectures, courses, workshops and retreats. Because she believes that life is sacred and should be lived as such, her mission is to facilitate the awakening of consciences and to help those who seek her to find genuine love, peace, and joy of life.

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FEATURED Events 2020

Yoga & Life | Retreat

 May 10th – 17th  | Marrakesh, Morocco

*New DATES coming soon*

with Margaret Rosania & Fransisco Basilio 

A deep look into implementing Yoga as a lifestyle. Siendo’s retreats provide the space and time for us to share our love for yoga and longing for vibrant health. Our retreats have the intention to prioritise our me-time in order to maintain equilibrium among our life roles and thrive to purify our vital energy.

At this retreat you will surrender to the present experience, you will notice how and why yoga opens new channels of communication providing the righteous self-knowledge towards our unique human evolution.

One week Ashtanga yoga practice & Study
Daily Meditation
Seven days of Ayurvedic Nourishment & revitalizing food with chef Fransisco Basilio
Daily workshops: Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Cosmobiology, Breathwork.

More information

Ashtanga Yoga | Practice & Workshop

 June 11th-14th  | Open for all levels

*New DATES coming soon*

with Dany Sá, Authorized Level 2 – Limited Spaces

A renowned Ashtanga teacher will be with us. Authorized level 2 by Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) Mysore – India, currently directs the Ashtanga Yoga Rio school.

Thursday, June 11 | 6:30 – 10:00 AM | Mysore Practice
Friday, June 12 | 7:00 – 8:30 AM | Led Class
Saturday, June 13 | 7:30 – 11:00 AM | Mysore Practice
Saturday, June 13 | 15:00 – 17:00 PM | Preparation for Lotus – hip openers
Sunday,  June 14 | 7:30 – 11:00 AM | Mysore Practice
Sunday, June 14 | 15:00 – 17:00 PM | Opening the heart with backbends

More information

Bach Flowers Level 1 & 2 | Training

Level 1 October 24th & 25th | Level 2 October 27th & 28th

with Patricia Campbell, London based RPB

The Bach flower remedies work exclusively and directly on an emotional level, seeking to balance negative emotions and to empower us to support ourselves through difficult times in our lives and to help us to develop our positive strengths.

The remedies are perfectly safe for all the family to take and have been used throughout the world with great success by medics, complementary health practitioners and in families. In this training, ou will:

Become familiar with all 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies.
Learn how to make your own personal remedy.
When and how to use them in yours and your family’s daily lives.
Gain an insight into the history and philosophy of Dr Edward Bach.
They are simple to use and safe for all the family- including pets.

Open to all individuals searching for self-knowledge in emotional intelligence.

Please register in advance

Yoga Schedule June 2020