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siendo products are created with the intention to spread love and provide wholesome natural tools for reflection and connectivity. Each item in our collection aims to fulfill our vision of a joyful and empowered humanity.

Since ancient times stones and crystals have played an important role in every culture throughout the world. The sacred geometry of the formation of stones and crystals, when in contact with our own magnetic force, generates a vibration of the highest frequency. This aligns us with our physical body, fortifying and grounding us in a way that assists us in reaching our greatest physical and spiritual potential.

In the same manner, there is a powerful healing force in 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.  The sense of smell transcends the barrier of the body – through the limbic system; it accesses our memory, our deepest truths, and our soul’s purpose.   Essential oils are the purest, most elevated vibration of the vegetable realm.  They also carry oxygen, antioxidants and harmonious frequencies that penetrate the cellular membrane and activate the body’s power for self-healing.

Recognizing the power of both elements we, at siendo, decided to synchronize and potentialize them by pairing essential oils with the ancestral and mystical powers of stones.

Each stone in our jewelry collection has been mindfully selected to synchronize with an essential oil blend, a formulation that creates a powerful synergy. By wearing and caring for the stones, you allow them to connect to the mineral components in your body. This in turn generates harmony and stability and feelings of safety, security and belonging.

This dynamic coupling of nature – stones and essential oils – assist us in the ongoing challenge of balancing the forces of our polarities and coping with our inner struggles.

A collection of eight therapeutic pieces of jewelry have been carefully and mindfully designed to enhance and activate the intrinsic forces within each of us. Choose the ones that call to you!

8Postcards Set

The set of siendo postcards provide you with a pause in your daily activities and allow you to simultaneously be in the present moment and focus on the ones you love. The process of coloring these cards and sending them to the people for whom they are intended helps you raise your vibration and shine your light. It is an exercise in reflective introspection, developing the senses, and connecting with gratitude and love.


ALL is energy, white contains it ALL. We are pure silver reflecting the soul.

Yoga inspires unity and compassion.


Masters of time, blessed by sun and moon; surrounded by turquoise they patiently waited.

Inspired by the Great Mayan solar signs.

  • Maya Collections

    Set of 20 blank notecards 11x16cm . white envelopes




Mother. Yin. Goddess. Earth. 

These are all words used to describe the feminine – the force that balances the active drive of the universe. This strong yet tender energy thrives on acknowledged and nourished.

By taking a moment for self-care and relaxation, we are able to restore, invigorate, and nurture the space we deserve to enhance our beauty.  Indulge in the sacred feminine and ignite the power within!


siendo‘s MOON clay masks are made of organic clay, enriched with mineral properties and enhanced with the oxygen, antioxidants and the high frequencies of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.  Paired with an Ayurvedic flower tea blend, it provides 20 minutes of connection with Yourself. Grant yourself this pause which will allow you to fully relax and absorb the sacred, life-giving feminine energy of the universe.

According to an indigenous Ojibwa legend, there was a once mystical, spiritual “Spider Woman” who protected the tribe, giving special attention to young children, and babies.

When you surrender to the silence and the mystery of the night you expect to sleep peacefully and to wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and restored. The charge you feel when you awaken largely depends on the quality of your slumber, the dreams you experience and the emotions that come with them.

siendo understands the importance of your sleep experience and created the aromatherapy jeweled dream catcher to help insure that you wake up feeling peaceful, energized and ready for what the day may bring.

The base of the dreamcatcher, the hoop, honors the relation between the moon and the sun as well as the circle of life.  Within it, the “spider weave” creates a special mandala designed to capture and retain disturbing and tormenting dreams. The harmonious and liberating dreams are allowed to pass and, through the feathers, are directed to the sleeper.  The semiprecious stones intentionally assist in the crystallization and the integration of the enlightening dreams with which we are blessed.

siendo dreamcatchers are paired with a delicately scented blend of 100% therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Carefully selected to sooth and relax, the blend also synchronizes with the brain’s theta waves to insure a peaceful and pleasant night’s sleep.

A prayer that warms your heart and tunes your soul. 

Each one of us is a unique individual, born into the universe with a specific mission.

siendo wants to support you in discovering YOUR mission and assist you in aligning your thoughts, words, and actions – empowering you to achieve your goal.

Using your natal or solar revolution astrological chart, siendo offers a personalized 54 or 108 count prayer tool, or Japamala, which engages the power of your four elements (fire, water, earth, air).  Each Japamala comes with a carefully selected blend of 100% pure Essential Oils which you apply regularly to potentialize its effectiveness.  With regular use and your expressed intention to discover and achieve your mission, your Japamala will contribute to harmonizing your Self and facilitate the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose.

Each semiprecious stone and crystal used to create your Japamala is carefully selected with YOU in mind. They are then magnetized with the new moon to settle intentions and with the full moon to honor accomplishments in siendo‘s own Zen garden. Finally they are meticulously beaded one by one with care and intention, making your Japamala a unique, personal and powerful transformational tool.


50m Health History session via Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp with Margaret Rosania.

During this session we will go over all the primary aspects of life to acknowledge our standing grounds and from there define a plan to action towards sustainable wellness.

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45m Essential Oil consultation via Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp with Margaret Rosania.

This session will provide you with a detailed and personalized aromatherapy protocol intended to aid you in your path to well-being. Observing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your present moment.

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90m consultation with Margaret Rosania.

Based on your natal chart we will go over the current astrological transits and answer specific questions you have at the moment. This will provide you with the cosmic information to optimize your time and align your decisions with your cosmic-biorhythms.

NOTE: Information such as the day, place and time of birth is necessary for a consultation.

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*specific birth information is needed before scheduling

2018 Solar Collection: merging the forces of a year filled with transformational influences and possibilities.

The 2018 Solar Collection is inspired by the traditional zodiac signs. Each sign by nature holds a vibration, an element, an identity, and a mission. Siendo has partnered with Caroastrologica, a portal designed to educate individuals about astrology and it’s influence and which specializes in women’s cosmobiology has asked siendo to create an amulet that portrays the force and beauty of each constellation by pairing it with a complementary stone.  The stone encourages each sign’s potentials in the 2018 cycle. This potent pairing is further enhanced with a 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oil blend that stimulates sense of grounding.  Together, this synergy aids in one’s application of the earth element in creating the roots, structure, and pragmatism to realize the soul’s calling.

Each stone is cleansed during its respective sign’s full moon and magnetized in siendo’s Zen Garden.

Connect to your birth archetype . Wear your magic . Magnetize your intentions

At siendo we are always inspired to connect and collaborate with missions that resonate with and compliment ours.  These synchronistic and harmonious relationships are the driving forces of the beautiful world we are trying to create.

This is the art of being. 


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