Coloring Postcards


pause . reflect . connect – set of 16 coloring mandalas

Product Description

The set of Siendo postcards provide you with a pause in your daily activities and allow you to simultaneously be in the present moment and focus on the ones you love. The process of coloring these cards and sending them to the people for whom they are intended helps you raise your vibration and shine your light. It is an exercise in reflective introspection, developing the senses, and connecting with gratitude and love.

Foundation this card symbolizes developing our foundation discovering what we want and our soul’s purpose.

Creation this card symbolizes the manisfestation of our intentions and trusting our ability to create and adapt. This moment that we align our thughts with our actons.

Courage this card symbolizes the courage we garner to take a leap toward our goals. It encompasses determination and willpower.

Compassion this card symbolizes the development of empathy toward oneself and others. It’s about creating the space to feel, be present, and to love.

Vulnerability  this card symbolizes the release of fears and insecurities. Being vulnerable means verbalizing what we feel and living our truth, which enable us to be open and be unapologetically who we are.

Optimism this is card symbolizes our ability to be visionaries. This is we are able to maintain faith in the path we have chosen – trusting our intuition and making the best out of every situacion.

Unity this card symbolizes the joy of choosing the present moment and truly experiencing the sense of connectedness with our soroundings. It’s about contentment and losing track of time.

Bliss this card symbolizes paradise, life, heaven on earth, and the benevolence of spirit. This is the moment we feel pure happinness.