SOULcare & YOGAshala is a space where you feel at home. A place where you come to feel safe, cared for, pampered, and where you can cultivate both your inner Self as well as your sense of community.

100% aligned with Feng Shui principles, SOULcare & YOGAshala has been carefully created with YOU and your well being in mind. Beginning with the beautiful Yoga studio (equipped with a changing room as well as a shower) SOULcare & YOGAshala also offers therapy rooms, a consultation office, and a communal space – all in a cozy and inviting boutique style setting.

SOULcare & YOGAshala knows that you, your needs, your path and your practice are unique. Keeping this it in mind, SOULcare & YOGAshala’ s goal is to provide you with tailor made experiences focused on assisting you in staying connected to your inner strength and true to your intentions.

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– Our reception is open daily from 7AM to 5PM –
Consultations and therapies can be scheduled for any time during the day:

+351 937519297
[email protected]


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Calçada das Necessidades 56
Cave Esquerda, Estrela, Lisboa
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