Cosmic Living Group Study | Cancer & Eclipse

Tuesday, July 02 | 18-19h | free

Join us for this open gathering where we will share practical information about how to live cosmicly in accordance with the Yoga life style and your personal journey.

In comes Summer…. on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the Sun enters the Cancer constellation opening a time of patience, renewal, and self-care. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is the great mother of the zodiac. It is a precious time to nourish yourself, and dig into your soul. It’s a time to revitalize your spirit inspired by the warmth of summer and patiently hold the vision of your dreams, knowing that as you nurture yourself, you nurture them.
Channel Cancer’s energy to help you tap into the core of your being, go deep into your roots and break out of your old shells into new ones, big enough for your wildest dreams.
We will explore the fourth house in the Wheel of life in hope to understand our sense of home, the mother archetype and discover our sense of belonging.

Please register in advance

An audiovisual performance Neurofeedback, Generativ Art & Gastronomy

Tuesday, June 18th | 18:30-21h | 60€ Limited spaces

by MuArts & Francisco Basilio

Given that human emotions are subjective and difficult to access and are often evaluated through self-assessment tools, reports, analysis, focus groups or psychological interviews, we have decided to develop this innovative approach!
This event aims to analyze human emotions and states of consciousness applicable to integrative practices and ancestral and revivalist traditions.
There are several studies in which EEG (electroencephalography) is used as a measurement / evaluation technique. However, in this project, and acting as proof of concept, we used EEG in real time to discover the level of sensorial involvement (approximation or withdrawal related to the gastronomic stimulus) of the participants when exposed to a gastronomic experience.
For this event, we based our methodology on the NeuroFeedback model of real-time translation of participants’ mental states. Through this model, brain activity is measured as the participants experience six gastronomic moments, each associated with a different flavor, thus translating the experience into projected audiovisual signals in an immersive room where all participants can observe them – “you experience art , art experiences you “.
In this sense, our intention is to create an immersive event in which participants interact with the gastronomic experience in two ways: sensing the taste, smell, appearance, temperature and texture of food; and watching the brain’s reaction to this multi-sensory experience in real time. Through this technique, participants will take, from this experiment, four different sensory cues from the food they have tasted and liked the most; these clues will be: olfactory, gustatory, visual and auditory, the last two being a translation, in real time, of the reaction of the brain to the gustatory experience.

In order to create a more interactive performance and environment, we collect information derived from the brain activity with the intention of creating an immersive dynamic animation projected in th surrounding environment.
The real-time projection materializes the sensory stimuli felt by the participants during the six gastronomic moments that would, otherwise, not be “materializable”. To this end, we developed an algorithm with the ability to bring the patterns of brain activity to life, according to the reactions to the sensory stimuli. We have also developed an algorithm that projects an animation based on the emotional and pleasurable reaction to the gastronomic experience – in the end, this method is able to specify the favorite experience of each participant, according to the patterns of response to the different flavors. The characteristics and action of each flavor are reflected through the movement and rhythm of the projection. As technical means we will use an EEG (Interaxon Muse) and a native application, created by the MuArts team, that allow to obtain, to process and to translate the cerebral information in audiovisual standards.

Why Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world. It is known as the traditional Indian medicine and it has nutrition as its fundamental foundation, from a holistic and integrative point of view. Nowadays, there is a clear need for change in order to achieve greater balance, and Ayurvedic medicine teaches us an intuitive reading of the Body / Mind binomial VS Universe, as well as an attitude and behavior that allow us to achieve a perfect harmony between our organism and the environment in which we live – between the Micro-Cosmos and the Macro-Cosmos, respectively. In this process, each of us is our own doctor and the pharmacy, our own kitchen.
Ayurveda comes from two words: Ayu and Veda. Ayu means Life as the continuous coexistence and combination of body, senses and motor organs, mind and soul. Veda means knowledge. The Vedas themselves are the earliest and oldest written record of mankind, some dated 5,000 years ago.

The theory of the six flavors according to Ayurveda
Unlike in other currents of Nutrition, taste is taken as a fundamental element in Ayurvedic medicine, with a determining action in our body and metabolism.
The taste, as the color and the smell, is the first experience that our organism lives when ingesting a certain food. Just as our face reacts to sour or bitter tastes at a physiological, sensory and emotionally level, so does our endodermal tissues and our own organs react to that taste. It is on this basis that we can determine the various actions of the six flavors in the body and how the interaction between organs and their functions are influenced by the taste of each element.

Bitter – Elimination / movement
Astringent – Disposal / Cleaning
Acid – Elimination / quantity
Sweet – Anabolic (mass increase)
Salty – Retention (of liquids)
Spicy – Catabolic (loss of mass)

It is this association of each of the flavors with the different constellations of organs, emotions and actions of the organism that makes Ayurveda and the Six Rasas’ theory so interesting for this experience.
By basing ourselves on this principle and contextualizing it in a dynamic neuro-feedback experience – where experience, subject, and object become one event – we are not only able to visualize and experience (at an auditory and imaginative level) the sensory experience of the palate, but also to neuro-scientifically prove what this millennial science has transmitted and left us.

Although visual projections are limited to the level of attachment / satisfaction with the sensory experience, aptitudes may be observed for certain tastes and physiological needs of each individual.

The flavors and their effects at an emotional level
Bitter – disgust / desire for transformation
Astringent – fear / introspection
Acid – envy / adventure
Sweet – desire / satisfaction
Salty – greed / delight

Resonance & Nutrition – The Frequency of Flavors

A taste, such as a color or a sound, may have a specific frequency that interacts and resonates with the physical body; something that has fascinated and motivated us for this experiment and data collection is the possibility to discover what a frequency associated with a flavor can be like. In this sense, we explore the latent therapeutic potential of modern techniques such as neuro feedback – supported by ancestral knowledge and wisdom – with the aim of discovering new non-invasive and sustainable therapeutic techniques.

About Xico & Francisco, facilitators

Xico Teixeira: CEO & co-founder of MuArts, a BCI start-up specialized in using the Neurofeedback model for the arts and media. Francisco has a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Neuroscience from King´s College London and 3 years of research in the University of Porto and 5 years of clinical Neurofeedback practice at Neurobios – Neuroscience Institute.

MuArts was incubated with a #MusicBricks programme, and this incubation resulted in multiple recognitions: a nomination for Prix Ars Electronica STARTS, peer-reviewed papers, and 1m€ follow-up H2020 European funding for research into Clinical Neurofeedback and Gamification. Since then, MuArts have been touring the world attending conferences and labs in places like Helsinki, Berlin, New York, Umea & London. This past year MuArtswas invited by Michela Magas to attend a European Commission event in Brussels. Francisco is also being invited to numerous keynote speakers and conferences like TEDxPo.

Francisco Basilio: An Ayurvedic Chef.

Francisco Basilio was born in Portugal, Lisbon, and started studying psychology after high school, but soon realised that learning to cook was his true calling, as it would place him between men and nature, being able to create synergy, balance and art, understanding agriculture, chemistry, and health.  He travelled around the world learning new cultures, gastronomic landscapes and techniques. At the age of 25 he travelled to India by mistake and got acquainted with Indian Cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine.
He was amazed at the possibility of self healing through the power of food. Mixing together psychology, gastronomy and Ayurveda, this beautiful ancient holistic medicine, seemed to him a perfect triangle to change his path and position towards food.

Ayurveda helps understanding cosmos and create consciousness for a great marriage between the microcosmos (our physical body) and macrocosmos (the environment where we live) – leading to health maintenance; for a balanced, peace-full, mindful and nourished life.

Breathwork with our founder, Margaret Rosania 

Wednesday, July 9th | 19h | 35€

Once a month Margaret Rosania, certified Health Coach and Aromatherapist, and founder of Siendo art of BEING, offers a breathing technique workshop.
She skillfully combines two part breathing patterns,  aromatherapy and sound frequencies to guide you through an insightful experience that will heightened your state of consciousness.

“Being able to stay in the present, immersed in this full body exercise is challenging and can be a life changing experience” Margaret assures us.
“It allows you to tap into your inner wisdom, overcome limiting beliefs, and move towards a more wholesome state of being”

About Margaret Rosania, facilitator

During this journey Margaret immersed herself in the fields of yoga, astrology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, the healing powers of stones and crystals, moxibustion and art therapy. Having developed a deep compassion and empathy, and possessing a profound understanding of the body, mind and spirit, Margaret started to apply her knowledge to assist people in their physical, emotional and lifestyle ailments. Using her intuition and her wisdom, she has accompanied and assisted people from all over the world in creating wholesome, balanced and grounded lives.

Prenatal Yoga & Mindfulness for Birth and Beyond

Wednesday, August 21th | 18:30-20:30h | 35€

by Karolina Barwinski | Moonlight Motherhood

Give yourself the space to support the changes in your body, mind, and spirit, and connect with your baby and other expecting women in this nurturing prenatal yoga and mindfulness workshop. We’ll quiet the mind and bring focus to the body with a short meditation and pranayana practice and then move into stretching, strength building, and balancing yoga postures intended specifically for pregnancy and birth preparation.  We will also practice a mindfulness meditation to prepare you for birth, and learn how mindfulness practice and training the brain can help you gain freedom and control over your thoughts and emotions, especially for birth and parenting.  We will finish with a yoga nidra practice for deep rest and relaxation.  You’ll leave feeling nurtured and empowered with practical tools to move through the rest of your pregnancy and into motherhood with more ease and confidence.

Participants will receive handouts for home practice.  Please wear comfortable clothing.  No yoga experience is required. This workshop is tailored for women in all stages of pregnancy.

About Karolina Barwinski, facilitator

Karolina fell in love with the beauty and challenges of pregnancy, birth and motherhood ever since she became pregnant with her son, Rafael, in 2017.  She is trained as a GentleBirth childbirth educator, prenatal yoga teacher, and a nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach.  In her classes, workshops and 1:1 coaching she is applies evidence-based health and well-being research and practices from childbirth, yoga, eating psychology, and mind-body nutrition to help women be the most fulfilled and healthiest expressions of themselves.

She believes that mindset plays a powerful role in helping women experience a most positive birth and to be prepared for the beautiful first weeks of motherhood and beyond. She is passionate about imparting the tools and information that are helping hundreds of women and families worldwide have positive and empowering birth experiences and feel prepared for a healthy and fulfilling parenthood journey.  She is the founder of Moonlight Motherhood–a healthy lifestyle company on a mission to teach, educate, and inspire women to live happy, healthy, and intentional lives.  She was born in Poland, lives in Boston, MA, and loves exploring the world with her husband and son, all the while training and strengthening her mind, body, and spirit with yoga, mindfulness, and self-inquiry.

Natural Face Lift Master class

Comming Soon | 18-21h | 55€

· Face Massages to balance your energy in your daily life
· Brief introduction of the reflex map of the organs on the Face
· Face reflex drainage
· Daily massage routine

You will learn how to use crystal Guashas, Rollers and other tools ideal for natural face lifting.

Let us know if you would like us to make you a kit. Options:

Resurface Essential Oil synergy / Guasha + essential oil / On tip roller + essential Oil / Two tip roller + essential oil / Guasha + Roller + Essential oil

The masterclass includes complementary leave behind with tips, face mapping with Reflex-points and information about essential.

About Paula Bravo & Margaret, facilitators

Paula Bravo: With several formations in complementary therapies (feet, face, hands ears reflexology, biomagnetic pair among many others), she became a professional in natural health and therapies. Her development as a therapist has been also her path of transformation, she systematizes the search for the best tool and technique to balance the health of those seeking her help. Multireflexology is her way of Care and Love.

Margaret Rosania: During this journey Margaret immersed herself in the fields of yoga, astrology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, the healing powers of stones and crystals, moxibustion and art therapy. Having developed a deep compassion and empathy, and possessing a profound understanding of the body, mind and spirit, Margaret started to apply her knowledge to assist people in their physical, emotional and lifestyle ailments. Using her intuition and her wisdom, she has accompanied and assisted people from all over the world in creating wholesome, balanced and grounded lives.


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