Home & Heart Workshop

19/01/19 | 10-12h | 15€

Taught by Ella Mesma, HEART is a movement meditation which uses different techniques from contemporary and partner dances to get back in touch with ourselves and to remember how to communicate without words. Danced to Latin, Electronic, and other awesome tracks HEART includes lifting, one to one and group partner combinations as well as meditations to connect to the heart.

“I developed these workshops to unleash the dancer inside all of us: to move uniquely, to create authentically, to respond, to lead, to follow. Just like nature, we all have our natural and unique talents to share with the world, and I love to use beautiful rhythms, magic and creative imagination to draw these out and come home to who we are together and how we move authentically.” Ella Mesma

About Ella Mesma: Ella is a British born dancer who trained at Laban/LSCD and is also a Yoga teacher (Embodied dancer/ Karam Kriya School). Some highlights of her performance experience include touring internationally with the Russell Maliphant Company (The Rodin Project), Lea Anderson (Trying it On: The Chomondeleys), Southpaw Company (UK tour) and the Olympics Opening Ceremony. She has recently developed 7 workshops which are touring the UK and Europe using both movement and meditation. These workshops are designed to heal, open and empower, and each is inspired by a specific chakra.

Cosmic Living Group Study

21/01/19 | 19:30-20:30h | free

Join us for this open gathering where we will share practical information about how to live cosmicly in accordance with the Yoga life style and your personal journey.

The New Moon becomes a time each month to give our subconscious the attention it needs; a time to focus on our choices and the course of our life. It becomes a monthly check in with ourselves to find out how we really feel about our life’s journey. Do we wish to stay the course? Or do we wish to start anew? The New Moon helps us feel into these answers and make choices from our soul. She and the Sun provide us an extra spark of energy from their meeting to help create change, if we wish. The New Moon represents the start of a new Lunar Cycle, and with that comes great potential to begin a new path. On a New Moon, anything is possible.

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