Journey to Self-love | Guest-Event

Thursday, November 7th, 14th & 21st | 18:30 | 99 € (Early Bird)

Connecting deeper to our femininity, our bodies and our inner wisdom with Hanna Ruddies and Natasha Roya Azizi

In this three part series, we want to explore…

  • How can we be kinder with our self-talk?
  • How do we make space for self love in our hectic lives?
  • How can we feel safe in our bodies?
  • How can we use our voice to ask for what we truly desire?
  • How do we learn to love ourselves and not dependent on other’s love?

As women, we hold generations of shame, pain and trauma in our blood, in our bodies and in our womb space which affects the way we connect with ourselves.  In this series, we want to face these stories and heal our connection to ourselves and how we connect with others.

Whatever your level of experience, your age or the titles you hold… you are welcome here. We fully believe that self love is the first step to healing our families, our communities and beyond. We look forward to journeying with you!

This series will include:

PART 1: November 7th
Awakening our femininity through a series of self-healing practices

PART 2: November 14th
Healing body shame in sisterhood

PART 3: November 21st
Using your voice to set boundaries and explore our deepest desires


Early Bird – 99 EURO – before October 10th
125 €


Please send an email to [email protected] and you will receive a confirmation for your spot. Payment via PayPal to the same email address.

Limited to 12 spots!

Please register in advance

About Hanna & Natasha facilitators

We are Rising Women Sisterhood – two sisters, Natasha and Hanna, who love to create magic together and share practices inspired by shamanic and tantric arts to empower you to thrive as a woman.

We create a safe space for sisters to…

  • embody the medicine of the elements – earth, water, air, fire & ether
  • journey into intimacy
  • deepen the love for our own bodies
  • awaken the power centers of our bodies – womb, heart & third eye
  • reclaim the power of our voice
  • explore pleasure and our deepest desires

Hanna has an endless amount of curiosity for human beings and everyone’s unique heart and growth, hence her passion for self-love. Her strong presence combined with a deep sense for freedom allows her to support humans to unleash their free spirit. She holds space through shamanic & tantric arts in retreats and workshops. Moreover, she is a team builder and an authentic leadership trainer focused on social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Natasha is passionate about holding space for women to thrive and unleash their wild spirits into this world. She assists others through self-healing practices influenced by reiki, yoga as well as taoist, tantric and shamanic arts. She’s a certified yoga teacher with a specialty in slow flow, yin yoga and breathing techniques. Beyond the healing space, Natasha is a social entrepreneur, a community builder and supports businesses that tackle pressing social and environmental issues.

New Moon Study | Saggitarius

Friday, November 22nd | 18-19h | FREE

with Margaret Rosania

Join us for this open gathering where we will share practical information about how to live cosmically in accordance with the Yoga lifestyle and your individual journey.

OH! Tis the season to be jolly… or maybe I am biased because I am a SAG! Being ruled by Jupiter the cosmos benefactor and ruler of our love for life, adventure and wisdom it opens the time to feel true abundance and prosperity.

The portal of broadening the frontiers of our mind calls and demands some type of wild dream. The subtle fire of Sagittarius represents and seeks WISDOM: what is it that I came to learn/live/teach, what is it that I need to exalt within me and what is the target where I am aiming my arrow, my WILL.

It is the sign that symbolically portrays the trinity of animal (horse) human (men) and object (arrow). It is by this union of our objective thinking and philosophical thinking that we will attain our state of contentment.

Please register in advance

Astrology Workshop

Saturday, November 23rd | 10-17h | 90 €

with Margaret Rosania

It is often said that we are stardust, that, what happens in the cosmos affects us and that being in synchronicity with the rhythms of nature will provide us well-being.

How do these big statements come to life and how do I individualize this knowledge to my best interest?

This workshop has the intention to provide the essential information for you to get familiar with your personal astrological chart. By understanding the forces in your nature and how they interact, you will deepen your self-knowledge.

We will cover the 12 dimensions of life, the constellations/signs, their rulers and elements, planets, and asteroids and you will learn your tendencies, challenges/ tensions and potentials by reading your own map. All with the soul-aspiration to awaken a deep sense of compassion and a subtle perception of your individual biorhythm.


Let us know if you’d like us to arrange lunch for you at an additional cost. Otherwise please bring your own food and keep in mind while preparing it that siendo is a vegan space. A lovely tea break is included in the workshop-costs.

It is always useful for the participant to bring pen and paper even though the best is to just have an open heart to truly listen and to be present.


You will need to email ([email protected]) us in advance with your birth information:
Date/ Location/ Time for us to provide you with your chart and worksheet.

By participating in this course you will receive a 5% discount on your personal chart reading with one of siendo’s astrologers or a 10% discount on a reading with Margaret.

Please register in advance

*Please note this workshop is aimed to spice up your curiosity for astrology and provide you the basic knowledge to understand what is a natal chart.

Stress & Tension Release | Guest-Workshop

Sunday, December 1st | 12:30h | 24 €

with Marlene Zehnter

Reduce stress, let go of tensions and come back to your true nature.

In one moment or another, we all have found ourselves being trapped in the busyness of life. The stress levels rise as we work towards some deadlines or squeeze one more social or family commitment in our already overloaded calendar. The monkey-mind keeps us busy with a never-ending inner to-do list and even our physical workouts start to become yet another checkbox to tick off. Stress has become a social norm and the driver of the majority of what we do on a daily base, in work and in our relationships.

This intimate TREⓇ (Tension Releasing Exercises)  workshop introduces you to a tool that supports your nervous system to calm down and come back to its natural state of relaxation and safety. You will witness your body’s innate and genuine mechanism of releasing tension. By integrating this body-oriented technique into your life, you will gain a state of calmness, awareness and a sense of trust as the foundation for your actions and thoughts.

Reported benefits of TREⓇ are: deeper sense of peace, decreased anxiety, the release of chronic tension, discharge of emotional and physical trauma, liberation of limiting thought patterns, improved sleep, mood, and digestion, decreased aches and pains, improved flexibility, among others


  • an intimate and safe group of 4 to 5 people
  • a brief introduction to TREⓇ and its origins.
  • explanation of all the TREⓇ exercises
  • guided tension-release experience
  • personal debriefing, sharing circle, Q&A session.


  • you feel stressed or currently are having a stressful time,
  • experience back, shoulder, neck and jaw pain,
  • have a tendency for headaches,
  • struggle with sleepless nights,
  • are challenged with a nervous digestive system,
  • have anxiety,
  • feel unsafe, insecure and not confident,
  • have the feeling that this can’t just be it and you’d like to change something without knowing what,
  • you are curious about the healing powers of your body.

​*​Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your water bottle


Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) are a simple yet effective way to release physical, emotional and mental tensions and stress. The practice consists of 7 accessible exercises which support our body to safely reconnect to our innate tension-releasing mechanism: tremors / shaking.

Practiced on a regular base this technique supports our nervous system to finally come back to a genuine sense of safety and aliveness. As a consequence, we can let go of coping mechanisms and stress patterns and truly be ourselves.

*** For more information please visit ***

Please register in advance

About Marlene Zehnter, TRE® facilitator

Marlene is a TRE® facilitator based in Portugal and Germany. She is fascinated by the human body and its natural capacity to heal, grow and feel; simply put: its capacity to be alive. Her passion is to witness people coming back to their natural state and start taking actions based on their true nature. Her mission is to support people in their journey towards setting self-care as the foundation of their life – she is especially drawn to challenging people to redefine their work life and to working with stressed-out employees, busy entrepreneurs and driving social or environmental changemakers.

Her own TRE® practice began April 2017 in Thailand. It was and still is a journey of bit by bit reprogramming her own concepts around stress, of again and again practicing to stay centered within herself, letting go of the limiting beliefs and physical tensions, and of attuning to the actual needs of her body moment by moment. Under the guidance of Lori Ann Arsenault, TRE® trainer in Chiang Mai and founder  Freedom Within Wellness, she studied to become a TRE® facilitator and finished her certification in June 2019.

Gemini | Full Moon Study

Thursday, December 12th | 18:00-19:00h | FREE

with Margaret Rosania, Founder

It is a special time of the year. Time to feel jolly as the holiday breeze meets our breath. As the full moon in Gemini – duality – brightens the sky for the annual collective transition.
The 21st of December marks the longest night of this year, Winter-Solstice, a time for introspection, a time to prepare ourselves for the brightest light of the sky to touch and enter our hearts. The light of compassion.

This “Dark night of the soul” is happening in Capricornio rained by Saturn, a planet which calls upon our fears so that we can courageously step into this night, confront those deepest obstacles and become the master of our lives. A window to pace ourselves as TIME is the wise one.

Come join this Full Moon study to learn how you can embrace this winter-solstice so you can transform with ease for you to receive the cosmos’ light.

Please register in advance

Me, Myself & Money | Guest-Workshop

Saturday, December 14th | 10:00-19:00h | 90 € (Early Bird)

with Mar Michel Häusler

Join this year’s last Me, Myself & Money 1-day Workshop in Lisbon!

A special one to prepare you for the new year. Align your relationship with money and purpose to enter 2020 with new energy, direction, and plan!


The workshop builds the bridge between the material and spiritual world, by exploring your personal and emotional relationship with money.

Through guided meditations, dynamic group exercises, personal reflection and questioning, you will become aware of disempowering patterns and beliefs holding you back from creating a life where money serves you.

Are you ready for a more abundant 2020? This is your chance.

Early-bird registration is available until 30th November.


Date: 14 Dec, 10am to 7pm
Place: Siendo | art of BEING
More Information: [email protected] | WhatsApp +55 21 9999 55133


Early-Bird until Nov 30: 90 € Plus VAT 23%
Normal Price after Nov 30: 100 € Plus VAT 23%

Please register in advance

About Mar Michelle Häusler

Mar Michelle Häusler is the founder of Give & Take Lab and the creator of the Inkiri community currency (Brazil). After 5 years as a Financial Trader in London and a master in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College, she created the Me, Myself & Money workshop and on-line course to bring people to a new way of relating to money and connecting to their purpose. She is developing a gamified methodology for organizations and schools with the purpose of inspiring people to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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