During this 50m session we will focus on the present situation and the emotions that are manifesting and fluctuating due to a specific circumstance in life. By diving into the different tonalities of this emotions we will identify ourselves with the negative aspect of them to select the flower tincture that will aid and support us emotionally to ease and harmonize this feelings. Out of this recognition we will create a remedy, with the synergy of flowers.

A 30ml bottle composed of Ionized water, a preserver and the incture will be handed to the client for them to take for two-three weeks. It is a gentle and non invasive system that will grant the nourishment our emotional body needs to feel supported and released.



Fear of unknown origin | ASPEN
Fear of losing control | CHERRY PLUM
Phobias, shyness | MIMULUS
Fear for loved ones | RED CHESTNUT
Terror, panic | ROCK ROSE

Oversensitive to influences & ideas

Humor masking turmoil | AGRIMONY
Subserviant, unable to say no | CENTAURY
Spite, anger, jealousy | HOLLY
Challenging changes | WALNUT

Despondency or Despair

Obsessive, self-disgust | CRAB APPLE
Overwhelmed | Elm
Lack of Confidence | LARCH
Struggles on dutifully | OAK
Self-recrimination | PINE
Trauma, bereavement | STAR OF BETHLEHEM
Deep angusih, despair | SWEET CHESTNUT
Self-pity, bitterness | WILLOW


Self – doubt | CERATO
Discouraged by setbacks | GENTIAN
Hopeless, helpless | GORSE
Procrastination| HORNBEAM
Internalised indecision | SCLERANTHUS
Restlessness | WILD OAT


Talkative about self | HEATHER
Impatience | IMPATIENS

Insufficient interest in present circumstances

Unable to learn from mistakes | CHESTNUT BUD
Daydreaming, fantasising | CLEMATIS
Homesick, lives in the past | HONEYSUCKLE
Gloom of unknown origin| MUSTARD
Exhaustion | OLIVE
Incessant unwanted thoughts | WHITE CHESNUT
Apathy, resignation | WILD ROSE

Over-care for the walfare of others

Intolerant, critical | BEECH
Manipulative Possesive | CHICORY
Self- denial, perfectionist | ROCK WATER
Zealous, opinionated| VERVAIN
Controlling, forceful | VINE