2018 Solar Collection: merging the forces of a year filled with transformational influences and possibilities

The 2018 Solar Collection is inspired by the traditional zodiac signs. Each sign by nature holds a vibration, an element, an identity, and a mission. Siendo has partnered with Caroastrologica, a portal designed to educate individuals about astrology and it’s influence and which specializes in women’s cosmobiology has asked siendo to create an amulet that portrays the force and beauty of each constellation by pairing it with a complementary stone.  The stone encourages each sign’s potentials in the 2018 cycle. This potent pairing is further enhanced with a 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oil blend that stimulates sense of grounding.  Together, this synergy aids in one’s application of the earth element in creating the roots, structure, and pragmatism to realize the soul’s calling.

Each stone is cleansed during its respective sign’s full moon and magnetized in siendo’s Zen Garden.

At siendo we are always inspired to connect and collaborate with missions that resonate with and compliment ours.  These synchronistic and harmonious relationships are the driving forces of the beautiful world we are trying to create.

This is the art of being. 

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